Business in Hong Kong

Tax System

1Income tax
the tax rate is 16.5%, one of the lowest around the world.
All goods are exempt from the duty except for imported cigarettes, wine, hydrocarbon oil and methanol.
3Salary tax
the tax rate ranges from 2% to 17%, which is one of the lowest around the world.
4Exchange controls
There are no exchange controls in Hong Kong, and the foreign exchange market is developed with active trading. In addition, Hong Kong is the sixth largest foreign exchange trading Centre, with a state-of-art foreign exchange clearing system.

Hong Kong's advantages:

  • Have a sound legal system
  • The use of well-known Hong Kong, easy access to international credit
  • As an international financial center, has a diversified financing channel
  • No foreign exchange controls, capital in and out freely, exchange of foreign currency can be mobilized at any time, convenient credit business
  • Hong Kong's tax system is simple and low tax rates, general taxes for the profits tax rate of 16.5%, no sales tax, VAT, etc.
  • Unlimited scope of business, a simple follow-up service
  • Profits tax return only once a year